Sunday, December 5, 2010

Simply Natural Nails Opens on Loomis Street

Simply Natural Nails opened at 50 Loomis Street on November 16th. I recently spoke with it's owner Kimberly Fosmire. Kimberly has been in the beauty business for 16 years. She previously owned 2 Salons in Billerica and has sold Beauty and Nail products for the past 5 years. Last year she worked part time at several Spa's.

Kimberly, who lives in Bedford, recently decided she wanted to open up a "Green" Nail Salon that only used natural and organic products while avoiding potentially toxic chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde. Kimberly believes that Nail Salons should make the switch to more natural products and she wanted to help lead the way. In fact, San Francisco last month passed the nations first Healthy Nail Salon Recognition ordinance which offers a voluntary recognition program for salon owners who use nail polish that does not contain dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde or toluene.

She also wanted the Nail Salon to be more like a tradition private Spa environment. Based on this, she decided to avoid the typical Nail Salon strip mall location and opened in a former Doctor's Office near Depot Park. The new store has the look and feel of a Spa and features private rooms for Manicures and Pedicures. Afterwards they encourage clients to relax for a few minutes in their private post nail lounge while they wait for their nails to dry. For clients who don't want to wait for their nails to dry, the Salon offers Shellac, which is cured by UV light.
The Salon also features a private room with a Television for clients to relax while their nails dry. Tea or Coffee are also provided.
Along with the focus on Natural and Organic products, the salon also choose to focus on improving nail health with improved sanitary procedures. According to Kimberly, virtually all of their nail implements are disposable (clients are given the option to take them home). The remaining items are disinfected using hospital grade procedures.
Pedicures are performed in a Pipeless Spa Chair featuring a dual water 
system that completely drains after each use.
The Salon which does not have a receptionist, encourages it's clients to book appointments online. In fact, Kimberly mentioned that she does not answer the phone when doing nails. Along with the nail services, the Salon offers beauty products for sale. Kimberly mentioned that she has been able to promote her business through her other businesses and through social media such as Facebook. The Salon is currently open Tuesday through Saturday. Kimberly may add a message therapist in the near future.
A permanent sign is expected soon.
1. It's interesting to note, that this marks the 3rd new Salon in Bedford in the past 6 months (both Salon Oz and TL Nails Spa opened this past summer).
2. In the past few months, I have begun to see retail businesses in Bedford taking advantage of social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their businesses. This is an encouraging sign.
3. Since the renovation of Depot Park, we have begun to see more retail businesses open nearby. I expect this trend to continue.


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