Sunday, January 31, 2016

Seven Restaurants Set to Open in Bedford before Summer

Seven restaurants are expected to open in Bedford over the next few months. Four of them are associated with the renovation of Bedford Marketplace.

At 54 Middlesex Turnpike, El Colima is replacing Cucina D. The new Mexican restaurant has an existing location in Nashua NH.

At 347 Great Road, Virsa De Punjab is replacing FireBox BBQ. Renovations are currently underway and the Indian restaurant should open before the end of March.

At 54 Loomis Street, Private Kitchen Cafe will be opening up in one of the new retail spaces at The Crossing at Bedford. The restaurant which will be open for Breakfast and Lunch, is focusing on Belgian and Brussels Waffles along with Bakery items and Coffee.

At Bedford Marketplace, Comella's will be opening a couple of doors down from Bank of America. The Italian restaurant will have over 100 seats plus a small bar area.

Interior work is underway in Building B of Bedford Marketplace for B.Good, Bruegger's BaglesComella's and Subway.
 Also in Bedford Marketplace, b.good, Bruegger's Bagels and Subway will be returning.

By my calculation, these new Restaurants will add around 500 seats (including the outdoor dining that will be opening up this Spring at Red Heat Tavern). There are also several restaurants in the proposed stage (these may or may not pan out).

Stay tuned for more details as each restaurant gets close to opening.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that terrible sign at the old Firebox looks like something out of Somerville or Lynn.. Jeeze...

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Anonymous,

It does stand out. That location is difficult in that it's hard to see the retail from the roadway. I'm guessing that's why they went with a bright yellow sign.

Anonymous said...

But where is our favorite, Luigi's!

Unknown said...

I've been to Red Heat a couple of times. It's OK, and I appreciate the selection of craft beers on tap, but face it, it's no substitute for Luigi's. Lincoln Liquors has better beer prices than other places around, so I've been a customer there, too.

The issue I see coming up is parking. Even now, in the middle of the day with only a few of the new buildings open for business, the whole lot is full. What's going to happen at 6 PM with more stores and restaurants?

Remember the words of the prophet Yogi Berra: "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your comments. I like the Yogi quote!

Currently the construction is taking up a lot of space that will eventually be converted back to parking. There is a lot of extra parking to the side of Red Heat and behind the building housing Bank of America that is not being used. That being said I think you are right that the "nearby" parking will be pretty full.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
Overall, a very nice post. One quick edit is you misspelled the name of the Indian Restaurant "Virsa De Punlub". I'm not sure if there is a place called Punlub, but it should be changed to Punjab (which is a real place). That being said, I agree with the other comment that the sign while distinctive, would be more appropriate in Malden or Brockton. Sheesh, it's hard to be located across from McDonalds and the only Welfare Motel in the area!

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Anonymous,

Good catch. It's been fixed. Thank you.

It is across from McDonalds but the lot slopes down so it's hard to see well from the roadway especially at night.

Lorettaanddon said...

Hi, I was wondering whether the Thai restaurant Ka Noon is returning?

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Lorettaanddon,

It's not returning to Bedford. It might be opening a location in Burlington though.


Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Anonymous,

Just a quick note that the bright yellow Virsa De Punjab has been replaced. You can see the new sign here.

I think you will be pleased.