Thursday, January 10, 2008

Asiana Bistro Getting Ready for Grand Opening

Bedford's 3rd Chinese Restaurant, Asiana Bistro located at 200 Great Road, is getting ready to open it's doors by the end of January. Major construction has been completed and the interior design is nearly done.

The new restaurant is located where Boston Market used to be. It specializes in Chinese and Japanese cuisine and is expected to open within a few weeks.

I spoke with Ricky Ho the owner. Ricky has been living in Bedford for 12 years (in fact he can now walk to work). He emigrated to the United States in 1976 from Hong Kong. He got started in the restaurant business in College when he got a job at Joyce Chen in Cambridge. He worked his way up and ended up as a manager of the Joyce Chen in Boston's Theater District. This is his first restaurant that he owns.

Asiana Bistro will specialize on Authentic Chinese from Hong Kong (where the Chefs are from) with a focus on Cantonese and Hong Kong styles. In addition to Chinese, the menu will also include Japanese as well as a sprinkling of other Asian cuisines such as Thai. While the menu will have a full selection, Ricky stressed that you will also be able to order "off the menu". He sees this as a plus for the "Older Generation" who still like to order their traditional favorites.

The restaurant which is expected to have around 10 employees, will be open for lunch and dinner every day. While there will be express lunch specials, there will not be a buffet. Of course take out will be available which Ricky thinks will be of interest to the many companies in Bedford. More importantly he expects to start offering delivery about 1 month after opening. I think this is a good idea as both Great Wall and Bamboo do not offer delivery. The restaurant will serve alcoholic drinks although there will not be a separate bar area.

Asiana Bistro has a total of 88 seats. Included within this number is a separate seating area of about 20-30 seats that can be used as a private room for business meetings or parties. Ricky mentioned there is also Catering available.

I asked Ricky, how he came up with the name Asiana Bistro. He mentioned a friend of his wife came up with Asiana, they talked about it and decided to add Bistro. He feels the name represents the varied selection of Asian cuisines that will be available.

The restaurant should be opening right around the end of January. I plan to have an update along with some photos of the interior shortly before it opens.


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting a little info on Asiana. I work in Bedford and have notice this new location. Do you by any chance know if they have a website or menu?

Adam Schwartz said...

You can view their menu here

Anonymous said...

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