Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bedford McDonald's Reopens

After being closed for just over 100 days, The Bedford McDonald's has reopened in the same location with a brand new building. As previously reported, the building and site have been totally redone. While I have not yet been inside the new McDonald's during lunchtime, I have noticed a few of the nearby restaurants are now less crowded. For the rest of March, The Bedford McDonalds is offering many daily specials like 99 cents all you can eat hot cakes as well as a chance to win a few prizes. Click here for more details on these specials.

Below are a few pictures highlighting the changes. Remember you can click on any of the pictures for more details.
The Interior has been modernized. This is the new "Linger Zone" designed for lounging similar to Starbucks and includes more comfortable seats, a fireplace and plasma televisions.

This is the "Grab and Go Zone". It was designed for people who want to grab a quick bite and also for people who are eating alone. It makes uses of taller seats similar to a bar stool.

This is the new McCafe Coffee Bar. Built to compete with Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts, you can order gourmet cappuccino, espresso, lattes and iced mochas. Everything is made to order.

Here is the new dual lane drive-thru. There are two lanes for ordering which then merge in to one lane for payment and food pickup. This new configuration is supposed to reduce waiting times during the busy lunch rush. Hopefully it will eliminate having traffic back up on to Great Road like it did with the old single lane drive thru.

You can no longer exit back on to Great Road. All exiting cars are routed around to the back on to Shawnsheen.

A sidewalk has been added from Shawnsheen to the front entrance. You still need to keep an eye on cars exiting the drive thru.

The "Official Ribbon Cutting" ceremony. Pictured L-R are: Steve Swanson, Field Service Manager for McDonald's, Teresa Degou, Manager of the Bedford McDonald's, Tim Moulton, Director of Operations for McDonald's, Bob Hogan, owner of the Bedford McDonald's, Erin McCormack, VP of the Bedford Middle School Parents Association and Ron Maloof, Area Supervisor for McDonald's.

Later on, a check from the Bedford McDonald's was presented to the Bedford Middle School Parents Association.