Thursday, May 29, 2008

Northside Convenience Store and Gas Station Coming to Bedford

The old Gammys General Store at 44 North Rd is being remodeled. A new gas station and convenience store are coming soon and will be named Northside Convenience. The new gas station is sorely needed. A few years back, Bedford had six gas stations, now only three remain (Sunoco, Shell and Exxon). More details to follow.

Remodeling has begun for the new Northside Convenience Store and Gas Station. The second floor which was formerly occupied by The Callahan Kenpo Karate Studio, is still available for rent.


australianwritings paper writing said...

This place indeed needs the gas station which has been in the demand for sure if you are asking me. Once it has been constructed it sure is going to be in the use of every moving person.

Lipozene said...

New convenience store is established for the success and triumph of the people. The dynamics of the store are kept secret for the humans. The role is inquired for the management of the stints for the humans.