Sunday, September 7, 2008

Verizon Wireless Store Opens Next to Post Office

A Verizon Wireless store opened on August 29th in the old JC Cleaners location. The store is owned by Zcomm Wireless which operates close to 100 stores across the USA including nearby stores in Arlington and Lexington. The store which is considered a Authorized Agent by Verizon, operates under the Verizon Wireless name.

The store sells all kinds of Cell Phones, Mobile Devices and accessories along with phone plans. While they only provide plans for the Verizon network, they can switch people from competing networks like Sprint and AT&T while enabling them to keep their existing phone number. In addition to phones, Verizon Wireless also sell services for Verizon DSL, FiOS High Speed Internet and FiOS TV.

The store sell a wide array of wireless accessories such as chargers, headsets, bluetooth products, headphone and more.

I spoke to Michael Varney who is the store manager. Before managing this store, Michael spent 8 years with T-Mobile where he had responsibities for 35 stores in the NYC metro area. While he has been in sales since he was 16 years old, Michaels stated that his focus with the new store is customer service. Besides all the phone and accessories he has in stock, he can order almost anything else and have it delivered via Fedex to a home or office the next day. The store will also attempt to fix broken phones and can assist with any insurance claims if the phone cannot be fixed.

The LG Dare is currently the most popular phone in the store.

While the store doesn't sell the iPhone (which is only currently available for the AT&T network), they sell similar products such as the LG Dare and BlackBerry.

The store also caters to businesses with products like the BlackBerry 8830.

The store has 3 employees. The store is currently open from 10am-8pm Mon-Sat and most of the day on Sunday. Michael said the store tends to be busiest during lunchtime.

The store is working to replace this temporary sign with a permanent one.


Stephen Chu 朱朱 said...

Wonder if the store also handles FIOS business. That will make STB swap and return a bit easier.

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Stephen,

According to Michael they do handle FiOS business installation. I'm not sure if you can swap Set Top Boxes there. It's worth a try. Let us know what you find out.

Unknown said...

I just visited bedford store and was so surprised with excellence of customer service. They fixed my phone and saved me $30 a month on the bill. I will recommend this store to all my friends. I wish i knew about this location before!

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