Wednesday, October 28, 2009

J. Gregory Lamp & Shade Gallery Closes It's Bedford Store

The J. Gregory Lamp & Shade Gallery located at 186 Great Road in Blue Ribbon Plaza shut down on October 25th. The store, which opened about 3 years ago, still has a retail location at it's main office in Needham. The remaining "lamp" store in Bedford is Baudanza Electric Co. which has a lot more lamps than it's name implies.

A note posted to the front door announces the closing

Although I did not spend a lot of time in the store, the few times I did go in, it did not seem to have a lot of foot traffic. I am wondering if the product line was too upscale for the area. This appeared to be the case with Neena's Lighting which opened a location at the Vinebrook Plaza in Burlington only to close it about a year later.

With the closing of J. Gregory, Blue Ribbon Plaza is looking for a new retail tenant.

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