Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Changed in 2009

Now that it's 2010, it's time to look back at the last year and see what has changed in Bedford. According to my count, Bedford added 5 new stores, 3 stores were renovated, 3 store moved within Bedford and 5 stores closed.
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While the number of store closings has increased, all of them except one have been replaced by new stores. It appears the retail market in Bedford is still fairly strong. It would be interesting to compare the retail vacancy rates in Bedford with those in the surrounding towns.

New Stores:
Bostonwood Furniture
Firebox BBQ
Inhome Design
Jack + Toba
Marcell's Auto Detailing and Repairs

Stores That Underwent Renovation:
Bedford Car Wash
Bedford Freight House
Dunkin' Donuts

Stores That Moved Within Bedford:
Bedford Jewelers (3 doors down)
Bedford Photo and Digital (reopening Jan 2010)
Cambridge Savings Bank

Stores That Closed:
Bedford Laundromat
Dunkin' Donuts (Stop and Shop only)
J. Gregory Lamp & Shade Gallery
Title Town Sports
UFood Grill

What Am I forgetting?

Planned for 2010:
Bedford Marketplace Shopping Center Renovation (dependent on economic recovery)
Blake Block (2011 maybe?)
Hanscom Credit Union (expansion in to old Bedford Jewelers location)
Lolas Restaurant (at Taylor Pond)
JRM Antiques (Bedford Depot Building)
Panera Bread (In Bedford Marketplace)
Restaurant on Middlesex Turnpike (new location for Home Plate Cafe Billerica)

Predictions for 2010:
1. An existing restaurant will close.
2. Outdoor dining finally comes to Bedford
3. New hotel plan submitted for the Crosby Drive/Burlington Road area


Anonymous said...

Nice summary of the past year! I am really interested in the horizon for 2010 too. Can you tell us more? Is Panera definate? What is Lolas? Which restaurant do you think will close?
happy New Year!

Adam Schwartz said...

Lolas will be a nice restaurant located at Taylor Pond off Middlesex Turnpike. There will be outdoor seating. This should open fairly soon.

The Panera Bread may be dependent on the renovation of Bedford Marketplace which is dependent on how the retail real estate market recovers in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Hi great summary of the past year. You forgot to mention that a new restaurant will be opening at 54 Middlesex Tpke next to the new Goddard School. It's called the Boardroom Bistro and will have outdoor patio seating, roughly 75 interior seats and a casual lounge/bar area. Their menu will include early morning, baked on premise, pastries, desserts, croissants, mondel bread and other ethnic delicacies. Uniquely brewed individual coffee selections for the true connoisseurs. There breakfast menu also will include specialty omlettes which will be to die for. Their lunch and dinner will cover a wide array of areas but I truly believe their signature items will be their authentic New York Style corned beef, Black navel pastrami, mouth watering steak and chicken tips, creative salads, homemade quiches, abundant soups, and pure quality. The Boardroom Bistro is also going to offer a very efficient curbside service and be as techy and savy as the companies it is surrounded by not to mention the catering services which it will offer as well. All in all the Boardroom Bistro seems exactly like what the area needs and can't open soon enough. Opening day is scheduled for mid I hear. I can't wait. I'll keep you posted with any other news I receive. Thanks.