Thursday, January 6, 2011

Curves is Looking for New Owner

The Curves Health and Fitness Center at 363 Great Road is looking for a new owner. I recently spoke with Rahul Chandra, the current owner. While Rahul has owned Curves since 2006, it has been open since 2003. According to Rahul, he now has 2 small kids at home in Framingham and no longer has the time to run the business. He is looking for a buyer to purchase the business for $2,000 which includes the 13 pieces of circuit equipment.

It will be interesting to see if he gets a buyer. The store currently competes with Get in Shape for Women which is a few blocks away. Curves has 76 locations in Massachusetts and is in all 50 states while Get in Shape has 56 locations in Massachusetts and is now expanding to other states from it's headquarters in Needham.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Rahul Chandra. If anyone has questions on the business, please feel free to call me at 617.256.3877. Thx.