Thursday, July 19, 2012

Outdoor Dining Grows in Bedford

The past few months have seen new outdoor dining options in Bedford.

The Boardroom Bistro features outdoor dining for Lunch as well as Sunday Brunch 

The soon to be renamed Carriage House has added several Picnic Tables just across the parking lot. 

The Carriage House also has a few small tables just outside the Cafe.

Cafe Darling which opened earlier this month, has a large patio with lots of tables.

FireBox added several outdoor tables earlier this year. The McDonalds across the street also has some outdoor seating.

 Bistro 44 at The Bedford DoubleTree has an outdoor patio open Tuesday and Wednesday evenings during the summer. The patio also features live music.

Outdoor Dining has become more popular in Massachusetts in the past few years. Almost all new restaurant construction includes outdoor seating.

Ginger, which should be re-opening in the next few months on the Blake Block may include outdoor seating.


Anonymous said...

Did Ginger confirm they were going to come back to that location? That is great news, my family loves that restaurant and were concerned they might not return. Any info you can share would be appreciated...thank you for this web site by the way, you do a wonderful job!

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Anonymous,

Ginger is confirmed as returning. I think they have the corner location. I will check to see when they expect to reopen.

Anonymous said...

What other stores will be opening on the Blake Block? I assume Kens N.Y. Deli will be

Adam Schwartz said...

Ken's NY Deli will not be coming back. I'm not sure what other stores are coming

Unknown said...

Ken's NY Deli will be coming back. They've got the whole sign out for it and everything. And good thing too. Best fries this side of the Mississippi.