Saturday, December 8, 2012

Work Begins on the new Ginger Restaurant on Blake Block

Ginger Japanese Restaurant which closed in summer 2011, is returning to the Blake Block. General work on the Blake Block has been completed and now Ginger is beginning to build out their restaurant. The new restaurant will be more than twice as large as the old one, encompassing approximately 2800 square feet and contain 82 seats (which includes some outdoor seating on the patio). Ginger also received a full liquor licenses in September, replacing the beer and wine license it previously held.

The new location includes an outdoor patio

The addresses at the Black Block range from 62-88. Ginger made a special request for 88 Great Road. According to Chinese Culture, the number 88 denotes fortune and good luck. Ginger is expected to re-open in early 2013.

Interior work has begun. When completed, the restaurant will have 72 inside seats including a six seat Sushi Bar.

Ginger is one of three new restaurants coming to the Blake Block. It will be good to finally have outdoor seating in Bedford Center.


Anonymous said...

Just past Blake Block and sign is stating retail lease available? did anyone back out? you also list Ken's Deli, was that an error thought they were only ones not coming back? let us know

Adam Schwartz said...

Yeah I did see that. From what I heard Koko FitClub will not be a tenant. They had 2 spaces.

As far as Ken's Deli, my understanding is that this was the original owner that had the location next to Caldor's in the Middlesex Mall.

Susan said...

It is really a good news. As I am looking for a new merchant near with my location to eat sushi rice brands, which is my favorite food I could eat everyday.

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