Monday, October 21, 2013

Bedford Cupcakes Opens on Great Road

Bedford Cupcakes had it's Grand Opening on October 18th at 119 Great Road. The new restaurant replaced Cafe Keresa which had closed earlier this year.

I recently spoke with Lou Hatziandreou, one of the owners. According to Lou, his wife Laura was always interested in baking. A few years ago she got a passion for making cupcakes. Friends and family loved them and keep encouraging her to make more so she starting baking some to to sell at Pizza Express (which is run by Lou's parents) as well as taking catering orders. The demand for the cupcakes began to take off, so Laura started looking in to a dedicated location to sell them. She recently saw the for rent sign at 119 Great Road and decided to take the plunge and open a retail store.

The interior has been updated to reflect more of a cupcake motif. It features 18 seats.

Each day features about ten different varieties of cupcakes. Some are long standing and others vary by day. Laura tries new flavors all the time and then repeats what does well. A new website will soon enable visitors to suggest new flavors.

Each day features new varieties as well as the traditional classics.

Bedford Cupcakes sells cupcakes individually or by the dozen where you can mix and match the exact varieties you would like. While they expect about 90% of the desserts to be cupcakes, they will soon be adding smoothies and plan to offer other items such as Tiramisu.

Besides the retail business, Bedford Cupcakes also does catering. They most frequently do Birthdays, Weddings and corporate functions.

The store is expected to initially be open Mon-Sat from 11am-7pm and on special events on Sunday.

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stephensam said...

Cupcakes are really taste, after seen this image my mouth is full of water...!!!!
I also try this type of snacks item in my home. I love the cooking new items.

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