Thursday, January 8, 2015

Staples Closing Bedford Store

The Staples (store #1652) at 297 Great Road in the Great Shopping Center is expected to close at the end of February. Staples closed about 175 stores in 2014 and is planning to close an additional 50 or so stores in 2015 including the Bedford location reducing the total number of stores in the United States to under 1600. Many items in the store are currently on clearance as the company is trying to clean out remaining inventory. It's not known if employees at the Bedford location will be transferred to other locations.

This doesn't seem to come as a surprise. Compared to the Burlington store, this Staples always seemed a lot less busy. With the closing of Staples, there is quite a bit of retail space available in the Great Road Shopping Center. What type of stores or restaurants would you like to see?

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Anonymous said...

Agree, this was no suprise. The Bedford store was always out of regular items and they would always say "Burlington has everything in stock"..