Friday, August 21, 2015

Bank of America Branch in Bedford Moving to Temporary Trailer in Bedford Marketplace

The building housing Bank of America branch 14391 at 152 Great Road in the Bedford Marketplace is set to be demolished at the end of the month. The building also houses b.good which has already closed, and Cafe Luigi which is expected to close on August 29th.

While the Bank of America Branch is set to open in the new building under construction along Great Road, it's expected to be a month or two before it will be ready. So in the meanwhile, Bank of America has trucked in a 925 square foot custom trailer to act as a temporary branch until the new location is opened. The temporary branch also contains a ATM and an overnight deposit drop box. Bank of America moves this trailer across the country as needed.

From an old sign on the trailer door, it appears this temporary branch was last used at an shopping center at 255 North Washington Street in Rockville Maryland, while a new branch was being built next door at 275 North Washington Street.
The temporary Bank of America branch is being housed in between the Marshall's and Whole Foods front entrances.

Electrical power still needs to be hooked up to a temporary transformer. The trailer is expected to be ready to before the existing branch closes on August 28th.
It's interesting that Bank of America is going to great lengths to open a temporary branch for the relatively short amount of time between when the old branch closes and the new one opens. This might be due to the fact there are four competing banks (Brookline, Cambridge Saving, Middlesex Savings and TD) within a few hundred feet of the existing branch so Bank of America does not want to take the risk of having customers defect.

The new Bank of America Branch is expect to be housed in the new white building under construction behind and to the left of the existing b.good. The new branch location will also house a drive-thru.
While the current building is expected to demolished in September, Bank of America and b.good should reopen before the end of the year in the same building while Cafe Luigi is expected to reopen next spring in a different location in Bedford Marketplace. It's not clear if the existing Bank of America branch number (14391) will change.

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