Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An Update on Cafe Luigi

Cafe Luigi which has been in Bedford for over 27 years at 168 Great Road, closed on August 29th in order for their existing building to be demolished as part of the renovations at Bedford Marketplace. At the time of their closing they hoped to re-open in the Spring in one of the new buildings currently under construction in the Bedford Marketplace. The parent company of Cafe Luigi also owns Marios in Lexington, Grassfields in Waltham, Jimmys Steer House in Arlington and a few other restaurants.

I recently spoke with Cafe Luigi owner Richard Stoico. Richard told me that Cafe Luigi would not be returning to Bedford Marketplace. They are currently looking for a new location in and around Bedford. While they are looking in the surrounding area, they to prefer to remain in Bedford.

Stay tuned for more details.


Unknown said...

Café Luigi I miss you I am just beside myself that my favorite Italian restaurant has closed I am more than sad I sure hope that a new place is found soon I am craving for a meal there. There has to be a place available somewhere hoping to hear some news SOON !

Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

Cafe Ljuigi! Have you opened in a new area as yet. I have been waiting to see where you will finally land and so far haven't been able to discover where or if you are still in business. Please respond. Thank you!

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Elena,

Cafe Luigi has not reopened and at this point is not expected to. The company that owned Cafe Luigi's still owns the restaurants listed above.

Eliza said...

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