Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bank of America to Open in New Bedford Marketplace Building on December 14th

Bank of America will be the first new tenant to open in the second of the three new Bedford Marketplace buildings. The Bank, which as earlier reported, moved in to a temporary trailer on June 8th, is expected to vacate the temporary trailer on December 11th and then re-open in it's new permanent location at 158 Great Road on December 14th.

The Bank has the primary spot along Great Road. The new building is much closer to the street with parking in back.
The new location also gets a new branch number, 16798 compared to 14391 for the old building.

The new location has a separate entrance for employees which leads directly to offices and conference rooms, bypassing the bank lobby.

Several surveillance cameras have been added adjacent to Great Road.
The new branch location is larger than the old one and also adds a drive thru and ATM. A second entrance and exit from Great Road to Bedford Marketplace should be open shortly.

The new drive thru is covered but tall enough for Van's and Full Size SUV's.
The new ATM's are expected to have multiple language options, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French, Russian and Portuguese.

The Bank of America drive thru contains a ATM and a Teller Window.
The first new building which is adjacent to Marshall's, opened in October adding Lincoln Liquors, Red Heat and the temporary location for Brookline Bank. The second building which is housing the new Bank of America branch, will be adding additional tenants over the next month or two. The third building has just started construction and is expected to be completed by early Spring 2016.

While the second building is just opening, work is proceeding rapidly on the remaining building. 
The foundation is expected to be fully poured by December 12th.

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