Thursday, May 26, 2016

b.good Restaurant Reopens in Bedford Marketplace

b.good restaurant which closed last August as part of the Bedford Marketplace renovation, has reopened in a new building at 158 Great Road. The new restaurant is in a premium corner location with frontage on Great Road.

The new location has two entrances, including this one along Great Road
While the menu has stayed fairly consistent, the number of b.good locations has continued to grow to about 40. The chain has recently expanded to Canada and Switzerland.

The Grand Opening included Free Samples and Giveaways.
The new space is much more modern and includes about 60 seats. Outdoor dining has been expanded as well.

The interior features butcher block tables, lots of windows and high ceilings giving the restaurant an open feel.
As before, the menu focuses on burgers, fries, salads, shakes and vegetables. Most of the food is locally grown. In place of Heinz condiments, b.good features Sir Kensington's Ketchup, Mustard and Mayonnaise. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 9 pm daily except closes at 8 pm on Sundays.

The new outdoor seating area is much larger and no longer adjacent to the parking lot.
A 2014 picture of the old b.good location. This space was previously used by Cambridge Savings Bank

The new drink area is larger and has additional selections including four types of Lemonade. 

Most of the menu is sourced from the New England area.

First view of Bedford Marketplace's new "Greenway". Grass and additional landscaping is coming soon.
The new Greenway path uses stones in place of asphalt. 

While most of the Bedford Marketplace has undergone renovation., the current sign has
become ramshackle and is in need of replacement


Anonymous said...

Great point you add. The sign is embarrassing for the Marketplace owner and its tenants. Let's hope this cleaned up shopping area with better traffic and pedestrian flow will spur re-investment to the run down government subsidized hotels, and some residences and other businesses along Great Road to take place. Presence of Ocean State Job Lot does not help though.

Bruce J. Roberts said...

Any truth to rumor Luigis has come to agreement with plaza owners?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous actually Ocean State Job Lot is a great presence in the Town! Besides hiring scores of High-Schoolers for the summer, the recently had First Responder appreciation days. I personally love the store, it's great for things like garden tools, grass seed, and general hardware that would be 4 times the cost at Ace. Not sure why you think the presence of Ocean State does not help the look of the town? Would a Barneys New York, Chanel Boutique, Louis Vuitton possibly fit your high standards for this plaza built in the late 1950's??

Adam Schwartz said...

Bruce, I have not heard anything but will do some digging next week and will keep you updated.

Adam Schwartz said...

Anonymous (2nd one),

Great points on Ocean State. They seem like they make an effort to get involved with the local community. Many stores don't get involved at offer. Glad to hear they hired high school student.

With respect to the Bedford Plaza Hotel, you really need to be a national chain in order to get the business travelers. It would be interesting if an investor could come in to help fully renovate the hotel and then reflag it as part of a national chain.

Anonymous said...

I think it's stamped concrete and not stone on the greenway, but it does looks better than plain asphalt.

Anonymous said...

(Anon 3) Yes, we hope to see a NEW SIGN (please) to reflect all the hard work and new and returning businesses!

Anonymous said...

(Anon 3) Also, what about parking..a PARKING GARAGE in the plans would would make sense as I dont doubt parking will still be an issue down there.

Adam Schwartz said...

Anon3 - Did a little digging and it looks like a request for a new sign went to the Bedford Zoning Board of Appeals in May - not yet sure of the outcome but it seems likely the old sign will be replaced.

As far as a parking garage, it seems like there should be enough parking especially since not all the stores are open at the same time and they have different peak hours (i.e. a bank is not busy in the evening). It will be interesting to see once everything is open how full the parking lot gets. There are still a lot of spaces to the side and in back of Red Heat.

Adam Schwartz said...

Anon3 - Quick update. The new sign did get approved by the Bedford Zoning Board of Appeals so I would expect work to start on it soon.