Friday, July 1, 2016

Comella's Restaurant Opens in Bedford Marketplace

Comella's Restaurant opened June 30th at 158H Great Road in the Bedford Marketplace. With the opening of the Bedford restaurant, Comella's now has 13 locations, all of which are in Eastern Massachusetts.

I recently spoke with Matt Comella, co-owner of the restaurant chain. The company was originally formed by his Father, Gene Comella who opened the first location in Wellesley back in 1988. Matt and his brother J.P., joined the business in 2003 and they have been adding locations ever since.

The dining room has a modern well lit feel
According to Matt, the restaurant has 81 seats and has two main sections. A counter service section  where you place the order and then food is brought to you (similar to Ken's Deli) and a full service section where you order at the table. This full service section also contain a bar area. The menu focuses on Pastas, Pizzas, Salads, Sandwiches, Soups, Traditional Italian Entrees and Desserts. The restaurant also has a full liquor license.

Comella's features a wide variety of desserts including Italian Pastries.
Matt commented that Comella's has been interested in opening a location in Bedford for quite a while. They liked the demographics, especially the fact that there are lots of Families in Bedford. Comella's has a history of getting involved in the communities where they operate. Matt mentioned they have already hired a lot of local Bedford students to work in the restaurant.

A good portion of the dining areas consists of half booths.
Most of the other Comella's have about 20 seats and focus on take out. The Hingham location which opened in May, was the first location to have a full liquor license and larger dining room. While the Hingham location initially saw most of their sales from dine in, they have been pleasantly surprised to see the takeout business quickly grow to become just as popular as the other locations.

This section of the dining room features full service dining.

According to Matt, Comella's has a strong commitment on continuous improvement to the taste and quality of their food. They also look at the menu selection and recently decided to add a personal size pizza.

The bar area features a wide assortment of beer on tap along with High Definition Widescreen TV's.

Along with online ordering, Comella's also offer corporate catering. The restaurant is currently open 11:30 am to 10:30 pm every day but they will re-evaluate after the summer (Restaurant dining in Bedford tend to quiet down in the summer as many people head to summer homes and vacations).

The pictures are on the wall are all real photos of the Comella Family.

1. This is now the 3rd restaurant to open within just a few doors of each other. A 4th restaurant, Subway is expected to open later this Month which will create a mini restaurant row in Bedford.
2. It will be interesting to see how many former Cafe Luigi's customers will frequently Comella's. I think they will do very well in that regards. In addition, Comella's is well known for offering a 16" Pizza for $6, which will help drive a strong take out business.


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Addy Brown said...

Comella's is planning to open within the Bedford Marketplace this spring, and unlike their other shops that tend to focus on takeout, this location will have a full-service dining area with seating for nearly 100.Comella's also serves a "Family Mess," which is apparently a mystery recipe that could include lasagna, pasta, eggplant, or pasta shells.