Friday, November 2, 2007

ACE Hardware Coming to Bedford

The new store will take up both of the available units in the Great Road Shopping Center. This is the space that was previously occupied by Santoros Hardware and CFO (Clothing Fashion Outlet?). It is located between Payless Shoes and Stop and Shop. Construction on the new hardware store has not yet begun but according to reports, the store should open this upcoming spring. The Owner of the store is Rick Sargent, who also owns Moison’s Ace in Groton.
Construction has not yet begun, but a sign announces a new ACE Hardware store planned for the Great Road Shopping Center. It will be located right next to Stop and Shop.

Currently the closest hardware stores are in Concord and Burlington. The Home Depot scheduled to be built in Billerica is still before the planning board but is looking like it will move forward.


Mike Feinstein said...

Don't forget O'Connor Hardware in Billerica. I'd much rather shop there than at Home Depot. The Home Depot has been controversial there because people are loyal to O'Connor. Huge store with very helpful service.

Honkbal said...

First off I think this blog is great. I especially liked all the pictures of blake block.

I also second Mike's comments about O'Connor Hardware. People are loyal to O'Connor HW because they offer fabulous service. I only go to Lowes or Home Depot when O'Connor HW does not have what I need. I'll gladly pay a little more to keep O'Connor HW in business.

Here are a couple of examples that makes O'Connor HW great.

1. They have a lot of cashiers and open more as the need arises.
2. I'm not handy and often need more help than most. One time I had an outdoor faucet that broke. I gathered all the pieces and showed them to someone. They walked me around the store, helped me gather what I needed and gave me a general idea of how to do it. Try getting that service at Home Depot.

Adam Schwartz said...

Mike and Keith - good points. I have used them in the past as well and have had good service. Hopefully the new ACE will offer excellent service.

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