Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ice Rink Opens in Bedford

After more than 30 years, Bedford once again has an ice rink. Last week the 200 by 85 feet NHL regulation size ice rink at The Edge Sports Center located on Hartwell Road opened. Among it's many users, the new rink will be used by Hockey Teams and for public skating.
The new sports center is located at 191 Hartwell Road

As I mentioned in a previous post, the new rink has seats for over 300 spectators. It also includes full locker rooms for both sexes.

The 18,000 square foot rink is regulation size and has all the amenities including a full scoreboard.

The opening of the ice rink completes the first phase of the Edge Sports Center. An 14,000 square foot indoor turf field is scheduled to open in early December and the fitness training center around the end of the year. The turf field will be used by Soccer, Lacrosse and other teams especially during the winter months.

The large lobby area has tables for food/snacks, nearby video games and WiFi access.

What I found most unusual about this project was how quickly it was approved and built. The total time from first proposal to the planning board to the opening was less than one year. Normally projects of this size in Bedford take several years as they go through revisions and face opposition. It appears this project had the support of many of the town departments and faced little resistance. I also thought that the fact that the developer had a firm deadline in getting the project approved in order to obtain financing helped solidify the decision making process.

The Ice Schedule is displayed on a large screen right after you walk in.

The main entrance to The Edge Sports Center of Bedford.

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Anonymous said...

I cant believe you put those direct lights in the ice rink. why didnt they go with some indirect lighting.