Saturday, December 13, 2008

Téa's Art Studio Returns as Téa's Art Studio and Tea Bar

Téa's Art Studio and Tea Bar located at 52 Great Road had it's grand re-opening shortly before Thanksgiving. I recently met with the owner Theresia (aka Téa) O’Connor. Growing up, she always had an interest in Tea and was always intrigued by Tea bars. Five years ago, Téa opened her Art Studio where she drew and displayed her work as an artist. When the Studio roof leaked and the ceiling dropped earlier this year, she decided to not only rebuild and put in a totally new interior but to also add a Tea bar. Her vision was to build a place where people can relax and take a soothing break from the outside world.

The Tea bar has teas from all over the world including exotic teas such as Blossoming Tea that starts as a ball but opens up and grows in to a flower after adding boiling water. Téa eschews extolls all the health benefits of the different Teas and recommends the book Healthy Teas which according to the author, discusses the history and healing properties of green tea, the health benefits of black teas, and the life-enhancing attributes of herbal and fruit infusions and decoctions.

The Tea Bar features over 150 different flavors of Tea from around the world including China, Turkey and India. Humans have been drinking Tea for 5000 years.

Téa is very familiar with all the Teas she sells. When someone comes in to the Tea Bar, Téa will talk with them to figure out the best Tea to serve them. She encourages people to try unusual and exotic teas. As she serves the Tea, she invites them to sit down, relax and enjoy the paintings.

The Tea Counter is where you can sample Teas from around the World. The Tea is provided at no charge. Donations are accepted for serving the Tea. Packages of Tea and Tea accessories such as kettles and infusers are available for purchase.

Now that the Studio is open again, Tea has planned a bunch of "after-hours" alcohol free parties on Saturday evenings where she will feature Artists, Musicians, Tarot Readers and more. She see's her Studio as a community place where you can meet people and enjoy creativity. She is also looking in to having some self help teachers come in and teach classes during the evenings.

The Studio holds artistic parties every few weeks on Saturdays evening. The Studio is also available to rent out for special occasions.

In addition to being a Tea expert, Téa is an accomplished artist. She invites people to drop in and watch her work or just engage in some tea conversation.

The store is open Monday through Friday from 10am-5:30pm and variable hours during Saturday and Sundays.


Anonymous said...

Just a nit: "Téa eschews all the health benefits". I think you want to say extolls... eschews means shuns.

Awesome blog though. Thanks for all your hard work.

Adam Schwartz said...

Ben - thanks for catching that. Yes I meant extolls. Corrected.