Monday, November 21, 2011

Large Number of New Restaurants Open in Burlington

The last few months have seen a large number of new restaurants open or about to open in Burlington. Six of these are opening in place of previous restaurants.These include:

b.good (Former Dandelion Green space)
Burtons Grill (Opening December - Middlesex Commons)
The Chateau (Former Bugaboo Creek space)
Chipotle Grill (Former Dandelion Green space)
Five Guys Burgers (Middlesex Commons)
Mr. Chans (Opening Soon - Burlington Square)
Spikes Junkyard Dogs and Stack-a-Burger (Burlington Mall)
Tavern in the Square (Opening Soon - New England Executive Park)
Yeh! Frozen Yogurt (Opening Soon - Former Dandelion Green space)

By comparison, Bedford opened 2 new restaurants in 2010 and none in 2011. 

With the Bedford Travelodge closing soon, this might make a good location for a new restaurant in Bedford. What type of restaurant would you like to see?


Anonymous said...

The challenge has been that the town leadership, Planning Board and Selectmen, express indifference unless the restaurant is part of a mixed use, or government managed "affordable" housing complex. New restaurants are great and produce additional tax revenue, attract new employers, and create jobs for Bedford teens too.

Anonymous said...

It probably did not help that Bedford residents at Town Meeting slapped a 3/4% extra tax levy on all meals in Bedford. Restaurants are responsble for collecting, tracking, and paying to town. This adds extra cost to diners and considerable extra overhead to restaurant operators. The next result is less tax revenue and economic activity, than more. It would best to drop this local surtax.

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Anonymous,

With respect to the extra 3/4% sales tax surcharge on restaurant meals, it appears that Burlington has added it as well.