Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Restaurant Proposed to Replace Travelodge

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Gerald Management Group, owners of Great Road Shopping Center, have proposed a new Quick Service Restaurant to replace the Travelodge which is forecast to close soon (it's no longer accepting online reservations). The proposed restaurant is expected to be about 3600 square feet and features 68 seats and a Drive Thru.

McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts are currently the only restaurants in town that feature Drive Thrus.

The exact brand of restaurant is still unknown at this time. Please click here to see the top 50 Quick Service Restaurant brands.

What restaurant would you most like to see?


Anonymous said...

Would love to see quick serve Thai or Baja Fresh.

Anonymous said...

Anything but Travelodge! What an eyesore. I would prefer not a drive-thru, this will be major improvement and will motivate PageGinos and others to invest in their sites too. The risk is that some will try to stop this improvement because of a drive-thru.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a Sonic.

Anonymous said...

Removing the eyesore of the travelodge would improve the site. Not a big fan of drive throughs. Any restaurant that offers quality options that are healthy and fresh would be welcome. How about Fresh City (they are locally MA based and have a good product; salads, stir fry, smoothies, etc.)

PS: Adam, Thank you for maintaining this blog. Keep up the great work. We all appreciate it.

Adam Schwartz said...

Thanks for the comments. Having a drive through eliminates a lot of Fast Casual Chains such as Smashburger. There is not enough space for a typical Sonic (usually need at least 30-35K square ft).

If I had to narrow down, I would guess Mexican: Taco Bell, El Pollo Loco, Baja Fresh or Moe's Southwest. The other option that might fit is something like a Panda Express.

Anonymous said...

El Pool Loco (versus Taco Bell) or In-and-out Burger. I live near there, so would not welcome a drive-thu because I'm concerned it might start turning Great Rd. into something like Middlesex Turnpike, which is basically a drive-thru alley. But a healthy asian place would be great too.

Anonymous said...

A restaurant with good healthy choices. It would be terrible to see a chain like Taco Bell come in. I'd love to see a Panera Bread!!!!

Susi said...

PANERA gets my vote. It would be wonderful.

Adam Schwartz said...


A Panera Bread recently opened in Lexington Center. There was talk of a Panera Bread going to in Bedford Marketplace after the renovations.

Not sure if that is still the case.