Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Simply Natural Nails Undergoes Renovation

Simply Natural Nails which opened 2 years ago at 50 Loomis Street, recently underwent a renovation. While the main layout did not change, each of the rooms was updated. In addition to the renovation, the Nail Salon now sells it's own brand of Simply Natural Organic Soap as well as hand made Jewelry.

This building which used to only house medical and dental offices is now home to three different service/retail businesses (The Body Boutique is set to open shortly). It will be interesting to see if additional retail/wellness  oriented businesses set up shop. The building is currently owned by Dr. Michael Garber who runs Bedford Dental Associates on the 2nd floor which also includes Internist Dr. Magda Mikhil.

The waiting area has been updated with new chairs and lighting.

The nail salon features over 100 hundred different color polishes.

 The main room has been brightened and features new furniture.

The Soap is available for purchase at the Salon and will soon be available online.


Anonymous said...

Adam, All new wellness services in this building have their cosmetologist licenses. These are not just retail businessess. Please correct your copy. All use proper sterilization and follow safety with their studied technique. Top notch practitioners! Dr. Magda Mikhil a medical internist is also on second floor of building , seeing patients for over 20 years. The Bedford Professional building at 50 Loomis can now be branded as the wellness building. Courtney Litlle , a remarkable nutritionist, who is changing lifes and the addition of Katie Giardina, the electroylis and esthetician will become a popular place in town. Get Healthy and look great this Holiday season and into the New Year!

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Anonymous,

Good points. Thanks.

I like the idea of "The Wellness Bulding."


Anonymous said...

The Wellness Building! Hard not to leave smiling and happy, feeling better than when you walked in.There is great positive energy at this fabulous location.