Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updated Images for 54 Loomis Street Project

Here are some updated images for the 54 Loomis Street mixed use project. As previously announced, the updated plan now has two building. The building closest to Loomis Street (in these images) is expect to have just under 3,000 square feet of retail space.

View from Loomis Street. Most of the retail will be visible from the road. Please click on these images for a larger view.

Another view from Loomis Street. In front of the building is the crosswalk to the Narrow-Gauge Rail-Trail that heads to Billerica. As part of the project, the developer is expected to add a walkway connecting both buildings to the Minuteman Bikeway.


Anonymous said...

Adam, I read that 2 Deangelo Drive was just sold. Do you know the buyers thoughts on this property. The building I believe needs to be demolished or gutted and renovated.
Any news on this ? as it is so close to Loomis Street.

Adam Schwartz said...

The buyer (EMF Realty LLC) paid $1.275 Million for this property. The property was last assessed at just over $500K and was last sold for $1 Million dollars in 1985. The seller still owns 1 DeAngelo Drive.

I'm not sure what the current plans are for the new owner. The Depot Park Mixed Used Overlay district does not include 2 DeAngelo Drive (it ends at 1 DeAngelo Drive).

It looks like the rentable space is about 12K square feet.

I'm not sure what the zoning is here. It's possible they could replace the building with a larger 2 or 3 story building.

Anonymous said...

As a neighbor to this property, I completely support it. The DeAngelo Drive area was packed with business for years, then these old buildings became obsolete. With non-energy efficient heating and cooling systems and the very high rent the owners charge, start-up's and small companies simply are going to pass. There are too many choices in the area to settle on these dinosaurs for the price. I think the time has come to demolish these old commercial buildings. I can see DeAngelo drive being turned into a lovely condo complex, or small neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately even the newer buildings are vacant elsewhere. It is the economical climate our government has created. Have you searched loop net to see the many͵ even newer buildings which are vacant. Deangelo drive has new industry and turnover too. New industry would love this space if grant money in the biomedical sector would flourish. I have many ideas for this area. 2 deangelo was just purchased. Curious what they will do with the building. Most likely renovate and modernize to be in a great location of Bedford.

Anonymous said...

I myself is very excited to see this new project, as a retail business myself would love to consider the relocation of my business in such a beautiful new location like this.

Adam Schwartz said...

Quick update on 2 DeAngelo Drive. The building was purchased by State Electric Corporation which is based in Woburn. Not sure if they are moving the entire company to Bedford or opening a second location.