Friday, June 21, 2013

b.good Restaurant Opens in Bedford Marketplace Shopping Center

b.good at 168 Great Road next to Cafe Luigi in the Bedford Marketplace shopping center has opened. The new restaurant which has 48 seats, is focused on all natural burgers (beef, turkey, chicken and veggie) along with salads, sweet potato fries and shakes. As previously reported, the meat and produce are both locally sourced.

The dining room is a mix of regular and high top seating. This was previously the lobby of Cambridge Savings Bank before it moved across the street.

With the Bedford location open, b.good has 11 locations (all in Massachusetts). Several more locations (including out of state) are expected to open this summer.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of toppings and sauces for thei Burgers such as Gouda Cheese, Avocado, Jalapeno-Ranch and BBQ sauce. Please click on the image to zoom in.

The restaurant gets all it's produce from local farms such as Lanni Orchards which is located in Lunenburg Massachusetts.

Before it opened, b.good provided lunch to Bedford High School students on June 4th and lunch to Bedford Middle School students on June 14th. This helped build buzz for there grand opening party which I estimate served close to 1000 people.

The self service drink station includes Soda's, Ice Tea and Lemonade.

b.good is open for lunch and dinner every day. The menu is displayed outside the entrance which is a rarity in Bedford. However this enables people to check it out when the restaurant is closed. 

To help promote there restaurants b.good has a truck that drives around offering free shakes in areas where they will soon open a restaurant. 

b.good held a grand opening party where it gave away free food and shakes for 2 hours. They also had games and live music. 

Providing lunch to Bedford Students seems to be smart marketing. I'm sure many of the students told their parents if they liked the food. This seems like a cost effective way to reach a large portion of town residents. And there their shake truck is going to different office parks to reach people who work in Bedford. Rather then send a mailer or place advertisements talking about how good their food is, they made use of personal testimonials.


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Sad to see "BGOOD" is nothing like it used to be whenyou wrote this article. I recently went there and it felt like a different place, having looked it up it transpires it'sn ow a completely different company. So that expalins it.