Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Evanesce Sclerotherapy Open on Loomis Street

Evanesce opened last month at 50 Loomis Street in the space formerly occupied by Simple Natural Nails. I recently spoke with the owner Shannon Benoit.

Shannon is a registered Nurse who worked at an Interventional Radiology practice associated with Emerson Hospital. She then got laid off. Afterwords she took classes on Sclerotherapy which is a method to eliminate spider veins (which are thinner than varicose veins). Sclerotherapy uses needles to inject a sclerosing agent in to the vein. This closes the vein and then over time the body absorbs the vein and it eventually disappears.

After completing her Sclerotherapy classes, Shannon worked along with Dr. Connaughton at North Bridge Vein Care to learn the trade. He would do the Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVT) to take care of the larger varicose veins and she would do the Sclerotherapy for the spider veins. She liked the work she was doing but North Bridge Vein Care closed this past April. She had always wanted to open her own business and this presented the perfect opportunity.

After North Bridge closed, Dr. Connaughton went back to Emerson Hospital and Shannon began to look for a location where she could practice Sclerotherapy. She looked at several towns but decided on Bedford due to it's central location for her previous clients and she also she liked the town itself.

The 50 Loomis Street building is focused on Health and Wellness
For new patients, she starts with a consult. If their anatomy is questionable for Sclerotherapy, she refers them to Dr. Connaughton who uses EVT on the much larger Varicose Veins. EVT uses lasers to heat the vein, destroying the walls of the veins after which the body then absorbs. After the EVT is completed, patients come back to Shannon for Sclerotherapy.

According to Shannon, most Sclerotherapy sessions are 15, 30 or 45 minutes. It usually takes 3 to 5 Sclerotherapy sessions for most patients. Sessions are spread out several weeks apart. Patients typically see the most improvement in 1 month with smaller improvements continuing for a longer period of time. Shannon mentioned that some patients come on their lunch hour or break and they can usually go right back to work According to Shannon, you do need to avoid sunlight afterwords. So most of her patients come during the fall and winter. Since Sclerotherapy is considered a cosmetic procedure, it is usually not covered by insurance.

Treatment Room
Currently Evanesce Sclerotherapy is open Mondays and some Saturdays. She started off seeing existing patients. She mostly relies on referrals to find new patients. While Shannon currently operates the business part time, she also works at a plastic surgeon's office. Her goal is to make Sclerotherapy her full time business.

While Sclerotherapy is usually done by Dermotologists, Shannon explained that she is very confident of her skills since this is her exclusive focus and she has done lots of procedures compared to many doctors who do Sclerotherapy on an occasional basis. In Massachusetts, you do need to be a Registered Nurse or higher to perform Sclerotherapy.


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