Friday, December 5, 2014

New Restaurant Planned for 120 Great Road

According to a legal notice, a new restaurant is planned for 120 Great Road. This location housed Optometrist James J Carroll. More details are expected to be revealed at the Bedford Planning Board meeting on December 9th. Stay tuned.


Amy Lloyd said...

I just wanted to clarify for your readers that because this property is in the Limited Business district, the first step will be for the ZBA to decide whether to issue a Special Permit for the proposed use. If they do, only then will it come to the Planning Board for a site plan review. Additionally, it lies within the Historic Distric, so the HDC will have significant input on appearance and materials.


Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks. That's very good to know.

I have heard people ask about designing building in the historic district. What era should the building look like? Bedford goes back over 300 years and things have changed over times. Is there a specific century or time that the building should look like? Is there a set of guidelines that one can use or is it mainly determined by the Historic District Commission?