Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Construction Wraps up at The Crossing at Bedford

Construction has essentially wrapped up at The Crossing at Bedford, the mixed use project at 54 Loomis Street in the Depot District. Construction started in September 2014, and got delayed somewhat most likely due to the heavy snowfall last winter. While there are a few minor items such as additional landscaping to be completed, the project is expected to get it's certificate of occupancy very shortly which will enable people to start moving in within the next few weeks.

The second building contains Eight 2 Bedroom and Four 1 Bedroom units.
The Crossing consists of two buildings with 19 Residential Condos and three retail spaces which are located in the first floor of the building closest to Loomis Street. The residential condos have already sold out, although a few may have been bought as investment properties as at least one is currently available for lease.

The three retail spaces occupy about 2800 square feet.
While the three retail spaces were originally promoted as traditional retail leases, a decision was made to offer then as retail condos. While this is not yet common, retail condos have become a lot more popular in recent years. All three of the retail condos have been sold. The new retailers include Body Boutique (moving from just down the street at 50 Loomis), The Orange Chair moving from 50 Great Road and some type of food place (may be called Private Kitchen, stay tuned for more details).

A new public walkway across the property connects the Minuteman Bikeway to the Narrow Gauge Trail.
The new condos are located right next to Depot Park and along the Route 62 bus route.

Note the external fire sprinklers just above the windows. This was a condition of a variance to let the developer build closer to the property line.

1. This project should add some additional vitality to the Depot District.

2. It's interesting to note how quickly the condos sold out. There seems to be a lot of demand for apartments centrally located where you can easily walk and bike and be close to mass transit. I expect to see some additional proposals for condos and/or apartments in the surrounding area in the next year or two.

3. The past year have seen several retail oriented businesses moved out of 50 Loomis Street. This building was originally built in the 1960's and might benefit from an exterior renovation.

December 17th Update: Lynn Garber an owner of 50 Loomis Street has notified me that both of the businesses that have moved out was due to changes in business plans - one wanted more visibility on Great Road and the other was interested in buying their own space.


Danny said...

"Additional landscaping" meaning anything green at all. I was surprised when the sidewalks and additional blacktop for parking went in to see how much of the lot is impermeable surfaces..

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Danny,

There does seem to be a lot of pavement. Some of the remaining areas should have green landscaping added where it is currently dirt.

Anonymous said...

If you "google earth: 50 Loomis Street, you will see the entire exterior (as well as the interior) has been renovated and updated. When it was done a few years ago most of the clients passed the building as they thought it was a new building. The charm of this building actually is"in" at the moment, Architecturally speaking RETRO is in. Our cookie cutter new buildings in town are cheaply made with colored clapboard shaped liked similar flat box look. Having old buildings renovated is beneficial to our small Old Town feel of Bedford. The surrounding neighbors had no problem with the beautifying the front of this building with beautiful flowering plants in the new granite circular entry way.The previous owners commented how lovely the building restored as the patroned one of its current tenants. The current professional clinicians have been in this building for years and love having their professional businesses on premises. Please do not insult our towns history and charm.

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Anonymous,

Good points. I'm going to take a more detailed look at the 50 Loomis Street building in the near future.


Anonymous said...

When is pro nail spa opening? Which location?

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Anonymous,

Not sure on the opening date. Looks like some more interior work needs to be completed. The Bedford location will be in the old Radio Shack space in the Great Road Shopping Center, between the new Pet Life store and T.J. Maxx.

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