Saturday, March 12, 2016

Signs of Spring

The mild weather has enabled construction to continue through most of the Winter. Signs are up for the b.good restaurant which is now adjacent to The Great Road.

b.good's new location includes a dedicated area for Outdoor Dining. The restaurant is expected to open in late Spring.

Virsa De Punjab which is replacing FireBox, is expected to open within the next two weeks.

The new Indian Restaurant will have a Lunch Buffet and include delivery. This new sign replaces the temporary bright yellow sign.

Work continues on the 4th location for Elite Freestyle Karate. Located next to Salem Five bank, the new Karate studio is expected to open by the end of April.

Salon Reyna replaces Designs Unlimited at 326 Great Road which is adjacent to Bedford House of Beef. The new Salon also has locations in Burlington, Concord and Lexington.

KB Jewelers opened earlier this month at 68 Great Road which was the previous location of Bedford Rug.

The new showroom is much more modern and open.

The next few months will feature a lot more businesses opening in Bedford including Body Boutique, Bruegger's Bagels,  Comella's, El Colima Mexican Restaurant, Learning Express, Private Kitchen Cafe, Subway, The Orange Chair, US Post Office and more.


Anonymous said...

Most Importantly Where is the Post Office NEW HOME?
Those employees deserve a huge appreciation from The US Postal
System. They were in a tuna can for the entire time.
Thank you ! for staying out in the cold!

Anonymous said...

According to the postal guy I talked to they have not signed a lease yet. And if/when they do it will be another 90 days before they can move in.

Bruce J. Roberts said...

Cafe Luigi???

Adam Schwartz said...

Hi Bruce,

No word yet. Have heard a few tidbits but have not been able to confirm. I'll do some checking next week and let you know what I find out.


Bruce J. Roberts said...

Thanks Adam! Really appreciate your blog. Moved to town 6 months ago and glad I found it.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Luigi's?