Saturday, June 4, 2016

Elite Freestyle Karate is now open at 285 Great Road

Elite Freestyle Karate opened on May 31st at 285 Great Road in the space adjacent to Salem Five Bank. This location replaces their Lexington branch which recently closed. The business which has been around for about 25 years, has additional locations in Reading and Winchester.
The new space in Bedford is larger than the previous location in Lexington. There are now seats for people who wish to watch the classes.
I recently spoke with instructor Sensei Ethan Wager and Owner Gary Meyer. According to Ethan, Elite Freestyle Karate has been offering classes for Kids and Teens for many years. Recently they started getting requests from many parents who saw their kids enjoying the classes, so they added classes for adults. As the name implies, Freestyle combines many of the different types of Karate.

According to Gary, Elite Freestyle Karate is unique in that all of their instructors are full-time professional staff. Gary mentioned this is a rarity in the Martial Arts industry, where many companies employ part time instructors.

Students learn life skills including hand shakes and how to use their voice as a weapon
While the classes teach self defense techniques, as part of the process, students learn Confidence, Courage, Discipline, Respect and Strength. According to Ethan, many students eventually get their black belts. There is a big sign on the studio wall with the names of the students who have made a commitment to getting a black belt. Ethan mentioned when kids commit to their name on the wall, they are much more likely to get their black belt.

Ethan has found that the classes are very useful in building confidence, leadership skills and conflict resolution techniques. Students learn to look people in the eye. After a while, experienced students can get more involved by acting as secondary instructors which teaches them responsibility.

Elite Freestyle Karate is offering a Grand Opening promotion.
About 70% of students are Children between the ages of 3-12. Classes which can hold up to 20 students, are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Fridays, Elite Freestyle Karate offers special educational programs that are open to all students.


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