Friday, April 19, 2013

Bedford Rugs Returns to Blake Block

Bedford Rugs has returned to the Blake Block. After relocating in the fall of 2011 to 200 Great Road, the store has moved back to 68 Great Road. I recently spoke with Mohammad Nazir, the owner of Bedford Rug. According to Mohammad, while he made the move back last week, he's still settling in and he expects the layout of the store to be complete in the next few days.

Bedford Rugs features both handwoven and machine made rugs. In addition to selling rugs, they also clean and restore them. Mohammad thinks his new location has a lot more visibility and he also expects to pick up some additional foot traffic as the other retailers on the block open up. He's currently planning on staying open Monday through Saturday and half the day on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Do we really need a rug store in Bedford? I've never seen anyone go in or out of them.

Adam Schwartz said...

It sure looks like we do. For example I know from speaking with B & D carpets out of Burlington, they get a lot of customers from Bedford. The great thing is the community as a whole decides if a store supports a need. The store owner takes most of that risk in finding out if the need is present.

Unknown said...
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