Monday, April 29, 2013

Bedford Whole Foods Holds Grand Reopening

The Whole Foods in Bedford Marketplace has just completed a Multi-Million Dollar interior renovation. As previously reported, the renovation included; an expanded salad bar, a soup and rotisserie chicken station, a new sit down coffee and juice bar, a new cooking department as well as an expanded cafe seating area with a children's play area.

The new cooking department holds cooking demos and also features cooking coaches giving advice to customers about recipes and how to make specific dishes.

The new seating area is larger and has a more open air feel.

The Kid's play area is expected to open soon.

As part of the Grand Reopening, Bedford Whole Foods set up a vendors area outside with free food and promotions for customers.

The vendors area featured free samples, cooking demonstrations, coupons and more.

The vendors area was a good idea. Rather than just promoting itself, Whole Foods made the decision to make it's vendors the focus of the Grand Reopening. This gave the opportunity for customers and vendors to directly talk to each other.

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