Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ginger Japanese Restaurant Set to Reopen on Wednesday

Ginger Japanese Restaurant now at 88 Great Road is set to open on Wednesday. This will be the first retail business to open in the new Blake Block building. Ginger (which was forced to close in the summer of 2011 so the old building could be torn down) is almost three times larger than the original restaurant. While the building is new, the previous menu will be returning along with a few new items.

View of the main dining room. The restaurant has 80 seats.

Seasonal outdoor dining will be available on the new patio.

The new Sushi Bar is expected to seat eight. Click here to view the updated menu.

It's good to see the first retail business finally open on the Blake Block. From looking at the interior construction, it looks like the other businesses such as Ken's Deli are only a few months from opening. The new restaurants should help revitalize this area of town. I expect the outdoor seating to be do well. It should be a good spot during the summer concerts on the common series


Anonymous said...

That's great...I really missed this place! Thanks for the sneak peek pics...looks really nice. Any idea if Ken's will have NY style pizza? I miss having big thin slices you can fold in half.

Anonymous said...

what else is going in , in addition to the rug store and wicked frozen yogurt,Ken's and Ginger?
Please let us know. seems another advertiser on the window

Adam Schwartz said...

As far as Ken's, the interior is getting pretty far along so it shouldn't be too much longer. I would guess the pizza is more likely to be NY style rather than Greek but that's just a guess. I'll see if I can dig up more info.

As far as other tenants, at one point Koko FitClub was planning on coming in to the building. They had gotten town approval to stay open from 5am-11pm but backed out. They had 2 spaces. I'll take another look to see if anything is going on.

Adam Schwartz said...

Quick update regarding the Pizza at Ken's, I have gotten some unconfirmed information that it will be thin slice Italian.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pizza update! I like the Greek style too (like at Steve's) but grew up in NY with the thin slices.

Adam Schwartz said...

Update on additional tenants. There is an Nail and Organic Spa that will be opening soon. They currently have locations in Billerica, Chelmsford and Tyngsboro.